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Request for Proposal

We hope you already have any concept about your needs after examining our websites. Probably you know what type(s) of stations would be the best choice to fit your requirements. We kindly invite you to fill out the questionnaire below with your needs and selections, and they will be forwarded directly to our Integrated Factory Control System so our answer will be sent usually on the same day or at least within a couple days (if you send your inquiry at weekend). Please pay attention to set the correct answer mode how you would like to get the proposal!
If you are an employee or representative of a research institute or educational organisation please MARK IT because your organisation may get discounts!
To fill out all the fields is not a mandatory; however, is good to know that our proposal will be more accurate if you share more information with us. If one of our pre-configured weather station fits all your requirements, it's enough to set the appropriate station type within the station combo box. If your concept is to use one type with extensions, please use the checkboxes to define the extension needs.

Company or Organisation:
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How to send proposal:
Station Type:
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Please enter your concept and/or the measuring task:
Temperature-humidity Air pressure
Wind speed and direction Integrated soil temperature
Soil moisture (multichannel) Rain quantity
Rain status/leaf wetness Thermometer
Sun duration Pyranometer (global raditation)
Gas sensor Evaporation
Pavement sensor Integrated soil sensor
LCD display Big solar panel
Small solar panel GSM/GPRS adapter
Power supply and line transceiver Standalone line transceiver
Pico485 line transceiver Evaporation pool type "A"
Extra shelter Aluminum suitcase
Color VGA camera